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Thread: MrSeyo aka ONI

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    ok hi everybody, i'm intorducing myself right now...
    I'm 28, I'm italian i live in South Rome, Rome the eternal city...
    I'm an Mc a writer and i enjoy play records in some club but i can't define myself a dj, a Dj is a serious work to do...
    I start listening hiphop in 89, when my uncle comin' back from the big apple pick with him a mixtape that contains somke shit like, Goin' back to cali by Marley Marl, Friends by Whodini, White Lines and overall the '87 bomb from a duo that change my mind...I'm talking about Dj Scott La Rock and Blastmaster KRS One...."South Bronx" open a new world for me...then in 1994/95 i start painting with spraycans and spitting my first verses in italian off course...
    Now i'm here cause i'm a fan of the Clan, since the day of protect ya neck and because my father is a martial art master and i'm in the same way of Rza and the other....
    join my website and have fun...
    Mr Seyo aka ONI
    Mr SEYO aka ONI - HipHop from SOUTH ROME since 1995

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    Well, welcome Seyo. Glad to have you here at the corporation of the Wu Tang.
    "Who's the wickedest, street officialist, Guess, Gortex
    Lex is the crispiest, ice the vidiculous
    Peep and look, the unexplainable'll keep ya shook
    High illism, the realism got you hooked"
    AZ - Doe or Die (Rza Remix)

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    Default Re: MrSeyo aka ONI


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    thanx bro for the welkome.....
    Mr SEYO aka ONI - HipHop from SOUTH ROME since 1995

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    nice ta meet ya...peace

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