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Thread: STYLE- "Still Starlustin" music by Bainmass

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    Default STYLE- "Still Starlustin" music by Bainmass

    more extraterrestrial pimp tales. back on my StarLust shit.

    one week until my LP drops

    back on that starlust weavin thru the darkness
    at lightspeed you only see the twinkle of my stardust
    my passenger a pisces she feisty and icy
    scales shines as bright as my marty mcfly nikes
    i met her on tyche in a cantina where she dances at nightly
    yeah she's a stripper
    she splashed me with her flipper to let me know that she liked me
    she one of those amphibious women
    graceful when swimmin outta water she be trippin
    her thick hips switchin and kissin on her fish lips
    yo i must admit that she had a nigga smitten
    but i had to dead it she tried to catch me slippin while i was in cryogenics
    caught her tryna transfer bout a 1/2 a million credits
    i guess it was a blessin we were talkin settling down and havin children
    aint that a bitch i fell for it hook line an sinker for a fish
    i wish life was easy for a space age pimp
    cause now i gotta snatch this chick up by her fins
    and row her off my ship without gettin bit
    she part barracuda i might have to shoot her
    and drop her body off at the dagobah system

    then there was a pleiadian looked like a homosapien
    blonde hair and blue eyes those sapphires enslaved men
    one glance and a lip pout
    put you in a trance and you'd never be the same again
    she stood over six foot body was brazilian
    lookin like she was from sweden
    facial features were norwegian
    she said she dug my mind but only loved me for my penis
    had me workin overtime for her orgasms tryna reach em
    she said that was the reason
    that always used a gadget cause a man would only tease her
    i was the first to please her introduced me to her father
    he was racist he got heated not cause i was black
    but just the simple fact that i was a human being
    a human and his daughter was somethin he wasnt seein
    she told him we were lovers and she wants to have my babies
    he pulled a michael jackson
    he slapped her with his silver glove and then he told the chick to beat it
    now she wanna run away and have a family on venus

    i saved the best for last chick had 6 tits a juicy round ass
    even stephen hawking couldn't calculate the mass
    in fact when she passed he got up and started walking
    tryna take a second glance
    she was all about romance
    holdin hands on the beach her four feet in the sand
    depending the mood her skin changed colors
    it made my heart flutter when she called me her man
    i met her on the moon we were both in transit
    seemed like she was the only woman in the room
    i was starin at her booty and she caught me red handed
    made me miss my flight on the moon left stranded
    her language holographics asking did i need a ride
    she flew one meanest rides
    exterior mirrored and was candy apple green inside
    engines bended time an space at five times the speed of light
    she pressed a couple blinking lights in a couple minutes we arrived
    ceti tau sector 9 she painted pictures in my mind
    the freaky dirty nasty kind i asked her "well your place or mine?"
    i like to be spontaneous but i just wanna take my time
    she told me that her species dies moments after consummation
    greatest sex you'll ever have is the consolation prize
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    zzzzzzzz. wake up!

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    lol i guess the link was broken. fixed.

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