ask yourself what have you done to proof to the world that your dope & live enough to be proud to say you earn that spot so your offspring can say my father was a legend once that the legacy can claim gold? see so many of these dime bitches choose losers over well made men..the media dumping down wack shit and they know it..really they wanna bring destruction..whats the point of the majority of pretenders working when you dont expect the best out of the betta quit your job knowing your lying to yourself eradicating golden seeds..niggaz like true master & 4th disciple homeless just check the catalogue they cant come wack basicly classified as ignored while rza makes millions?..whats the point if you ignore the best and put up with this bullshit cuz they cant handle black seeds bringing the heat..this is truelly became a light skinned versus dark skinned issue..& now light skinned negros versus dark skinned negroes the chains of slavery never broke yall the masses are pretenders and the world already ended before the mayans predicted shit cuz racism is an issue till this day but ppl keep ignoring it..just my 2 cents