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Thread: illuminati is running this shit (pretenders)

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    she has titties! dont make me find the pic n repost it.. in fact i will at teh end of this post

    we broke up,, well cos she thought i tried to 'change' her

    which was not true.. she asked me out... she did so cos she must have liked my mind/personality? cos to look at.. im a rat!!

    so anyway.. the 1st 6-10 months all is cool and fine.. we get on well.. very well..

    we speak hugely on various topics..

    she hates protesting.. which is fare enough.. says itdont achieve anything ever hurr hurr teach her about the womens movements,

    she started saying.. i need to do this.. i will do this.. its better if i do this. (relating to consumer habits, shopping habbits, reading lifestyle magazines/watching consumer based tv..) as when she was younger.. she has always felt self conscious, and thought buying shit would makes her happy... (which it does i guess for like 20 seconds)

    so anyway. for a while she stuck at what SHE said she would do.. i never influenced her to those decisions.. and for a while.. she seemed and was alot happier..

    she started getting hate from her friends(i got with her when she was 19, she is 21 on feb 27th) that she didnt do what she use too.. go out clubbing drinking ... spend time with them out looking in shops ...

    she feels really strongly about issues.. but doesnt take actions.. anyway over teh course of last year.. she reverted back to her old self..

    i didnt say shit.. cos.. she is a reflection of me.. so i guessed that was something i needed to experience? lol but i didnt.. she didnt really consume like she use too.. but she started complaining of weight issues. so i just mentioned but u said u wont eat at mcdonalds/kfc.. and chill with teh processed stuff..

    ahhhh the first time i said that she went ape shit.. lol

    i didnt see her for days!!

    before that point. .we had always watched lots of docus...

    but after that point.. she was dead against it.

    'if i want to know;ill find out myself'

    arghh fucking infuriating, when you care for someone, and they know they shouldnt be doing something. but still do it. cos their fucking weak

    anyways.. in teh end.. she thought i wasnt happy with her, that i could do better..

    but in reality.. she always never did what she said, and that annoyed me..

    we didnt speak for a few weeks after teh break up.. but the last 3 weeks? since i got arrested.. we been awesome.. lol she feels weird talking to me about guise she likes, wants to date hahah im cool tho.. ive had my experience with her..

    thought id drop a pic of her with dark hair (she changes her hair color weekly lol)
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