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Thread: Military's Feeling About Drone Medals

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    Default Military's Feeling About Drone Medals

    (was gonna dump this in nerd news..)

    Viral Photo Sums Up Military's Feeling About Drone Medals

    via Foreign Policy
    Not the real medal.

    There's been a near unanimous outcry from the military "underground" since the Pentagon announced new medals for drone pilots. In particular, servicemembers find it unjustifiable that the medal would fall higher than a Bronze Star for Valor, which requires actual courage in the face of the enemy.
    Surfacing just hours after the announcement on The Duffel Blog facebook page, somebody with Photoshop skills put together an image of an XBox controller hanging below Bronze Star colors. The image is both a play on the new medal, as well as a shout out to the Bronze Star with Valor distinguishing device.
    The image is itself a symbol of the buzz that occurred in the ranks following the announcement.
    Foreign Policy summed it up best with their round up this morning, by taking a sample of the other faux awards military folks and military minded were passing around email:
    Making the inbox rounds at the Pentagon: Another list of proposed devices were making their way into inboxes yesterday. They include: Hemorrhoid Donut Device, a Boil Lance Device, a Carpal Tunnel Splint Device, a Rush Hour Traffic Monopoly Car Device, a Spilled Coffee on Crotch Cup Device, a Sports Page Paper Cut Band-Aid Device, a Cyberwar PacMan Device, a Direct Combat Pressure Tea-Pot Device, and a Flight Suit Looks Snazzy Mirror Device.
    The Pentagon has not released another statement since their original announcement. The Drone Warfare medal will come in three separate ratings, the highest of which will be above the Bronze Star.
    From Politico:
    The new blue, red and white-ribboned Distinguished Warfare Medal will be awarded to individuals for "extraordinary achievement" related to a military operation that occurred after Sept. 11, 2001.

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