I've read most of the comments here.

I listened to this album and honestly I was not impressed. It doesnt sound like the producers collaborated with Priest.

Tracks are hit or miss.

My issue is with Priests delivery/cadence and how he structures his rhymes with several tracks on this album.

As I was listening I felt something was off and after listening to other albums by Priest and various other artists I returned to this album and realised it was the way Priest was delivering his rhymes/bars.

IMO Great artists have the ability to have their voice and rhymes add to and compliment the overall production/music. And their rhymes are usual indictitive of the music. (I.E. Ominous sounding beats are complimented by ominous lyrics, which adds atmosphere to a song - for example see Carefull, Click Click - Wutang, Thug is a Drug - Mos Def.)

On several tracks Priest delivery doesnt compliment the music, his rhymes seem to be competing with the music for the listeners ear.

Priest sounds like he isn't feeling/emoting what he's rhyming.

Other times it just seems like Priest is just rhyming with no regard to the beat.

I didnt notice and emphasis in his rhymes (I.E. No pause to emphasize words No change of voice during delivery.)

This album has a lot to digest. I am still listening. I do however like

Listen To Me
Fire Stone
The Park
Lotus Flower
Energy Work

Theres more but I cant think of them because the track "Music of the Spheres" is so fucking aweful I was scratching my head as to what he was trying to accomplish. The Beat is chopped and edited as if the engineer/producer was'nt paid or just didnt give a shit so they pushed this out trying to be original and different. It doesnt work.

Before everyone starts to bash me remember this is just my opinion.