Earth Wind & Fire isn't as bad as the pilgrimage IMO.

Real Life is a cool song, if Ghost was on the hook or threw in a verse people would love it.

The Body Rock has a cool beat and is cool during the verses but the hook is shit.

Boogah Hill is really cool. The song isn't 5 star or anything but it's way less forgettable than most Cappa solo tracks lately.

Hustle Game Tight- Beat is middle of the pack, but he's spitting really aggressive on here. Song is mean.

Better Life Movement- 4/5 beat, 4/5 flow, 3/5 hook. Another average song but too hard to be wack.

Pull ya Life Together- Pretty beat, Cappa speaking real world shit. Cool storytelling vibe.

Puffed on Pride- Average song, beat isn't my taste.

Creature Feature- Cappa spits on this and the beat is pretty epic.

Can't listen to the rest right now gotta go get some food.