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“NO WATER! You get what you pay for.”
Dec 2, 2012 ILMgwmTraveler, Allen, Texas | Trip type: Business
This is perhaps the worst hotel I have ever stayed in over 25 years. I awoke to no water to flush toilet, brush teeth and take a shower. I had to attend a meeting and was not fresh. Apparently the hotel is undergoing renovation. Upon check in I should have been advised of the time that water was to be turned off. Or, the morning front desk clerk should have advised me that water was being turned off. After complaining to the desk clerk, she called maintenance to have them turn on the water for a few minutes so I can refreshen. Maintenance declined. I should have known something was up when I booked this reservation. My rate was cheap. Also the hotel is difficult to find in the dark, but evening desk clerk helped guide me to hotel.

“Don't stay here...what ever you do.”
Oct 26, 2012 chefrage23, Cincinnati, Ohio | Trip type: Business
I was traveling for work and needed a room for three nights. I booked here without reading reviews solely based on location. When I pulled up the outside of the building is in desparate need of upgrades. There were creepy people hanging around outside, they live there permenantly I assume. The hotel lobby smelled like mold and smoke. The hallway carpet was suppose to be green and was fiflthy black down the middle. When I approached my floor and opened the door all I could smell was smoke and dog pee, dogs barking, and babbies crying. The room was the most decent part of the hotel with the exception of a very obvious white stain on the couch and matching ones on the wall next to the edge of the bed. I turned right around and headed back down to the lobby. There was a man without a shirt on or shoes or socks walking down the hallway in his boxers that let out an extreamly loud belch as I was leaving. Seriously, I have never seen such a gross place. I told the front desk that I was leaving that this place is fiflthy and she asked if I wanted to try another room. NO THANK YOU!!!

“You get what you pay for”
Oct 23, 2011 missmc123, Buffalo, NY
Yuck. I wanted to turn around after entering the hallway. First of all, it's impossible to find and no lighted sign in sight. It's grungy and worn and kind of scarry. I checked for bedbugs and wouldn't let my bag off the table for fear of something getting in it. Thank god the bathroom has a new tub/ shower with great pressure or I would have been out of there.

“Friendly staff.........but”
Oct 14, 2011 ndw4golf, Midland, Michigan | Trip type: Family
The staff is very friendly but the rooms need a good cleaning or better yet a complete redo. The bathroom was dirty and if you stay more than one night, it's get your own towels. They don't clean the rooms each day either, I believe once a week.
well two things first we do have these in Colorado so shows how much I know

and second these are the reviews for the one will be at

can't believe this hotel doesn't charge by the hour! I would recommend against it. The pics must be from when it was new 20 years ago.
Disliked: Rooms, Service, Location, Value

Very dank, smelly, gross. Sketchy loitering people outside. Nasty. Office was cluttered and awkward. Outdated and weird. Never again.

Stay away no matter how cheap you'll find a room at this hotel. It needs renovation. Shaddy neighborhood.

lol looks like the wife should have read the reviews first, well should be interesting haha