So I was thinking recently what was the most important part of hip hop to me. I like hip hop for a lot of different reasons but I think you can sort of quantitate what makes a great album. I think of it like this...

Production (beats, samples, cuts, atmosphere, etc...)
Rhymes (schemes, patterns)
Delivery (how the MCs mic presence is, charisma, breath control etc)
Flow (basically the pattern that the MC follows over/with the beat)
Lyrics (meaning, metaphors, alliterations, double entendres, just wordplay in general)

So what is most important to you guys in the genre of hip-hop? For me, I think the delivery is the most important part. There have been albums that suffer from different things but are still solid and respectable simply due to the brilliance/skill of the MC. It doesn't always have to be deep but as long as the MC is fun/enjoyable to hear, I think that's the most important part.