List them.

Here's a few that I can think of, to get the ball rolling...

- Bulletproof Wallets
- 'The Closing' on 'Forever'
- Ghostface and/or Raekwon trying to sound half intelligent, in general.
- That track on NSD where Popa Wu and some other crack head rant about whatever nonsense, which brings up...
- Popa Wu, in general
- Rza's attempts at "club" songs, or whatever the fuck they are. Shit like 'We Pop', and there was another awful one on 'Digi Snacks'. Maybe even a couple.
- Tical ???(fuck I've deadset forgotten what it's called. The third Tical album)
- 'Hillside Scramblers' and 'Mr Excitement' (Sorry Uey. I hate it when fags hate on the god but those albums were pretty embarrassing for the most part)

Add on.