It was all a dream
I've been tore the fuck up since I was seventeen
Here with my team livin with limited cream
I had my Northface fresh and my Timberlands clean
While you were rockin Hot Paws with the idiot string
... Now the kid is pristine, livin the dream
Givin the D to bikini models who barely fuckin fit in they jeans
My deathbed, that'll be some shit to be seen
Finna be lifted, sippin lean in my finishing scene

Tommy Hilfiger. ill ginger.
Real winner. engage the killswitcher.
Murder murder. Killa killa Silver back gorilla.
Knuckle-deep in Cinderella. Middle finger.
Filled Swisher. bubblegum strain-toker.
I'm Bruce Wayne, tote a brand new flamethrower.
Two-day coma, not a moodswang thrower.
I could turn your main ho into a bouquet-thrower.
Liu Kang owner. Battle rap, game over.
Matter fact, back-to-back Captain Black chain-smoker.
No hangover, Mister I-Ain't-Sober
Hard in the paint goer. High-rank soldier.
Good dick - somethin I ain't short of
Fuck your bitch AND her mom, same night, SAME boner
Take over but I ain't Hova, whip the Rangerover
Kane mask, Bane mask, Ray-Bans, face-scorcher
Daytona 500 pace-leader, main controller
Face-eater, flame-speaker, fatal stinger, King Cobra
I'm a boss. I do not take orders.
Flow so greasy. Clogged aorta.

I'll take your daughter's maid of honor, tape her on a tape recorder
Place her on my snake, go on to make her ovulate up on it
Take her off to Vegas dawg, and make the broad my baby mama
Feign katana blades across her face and maul her dang chihuahua
Take her lingerie up off her, hating on her, make her swallow
Hate to plot a grave, I gotta take a lotta days, I wanna
Lay her on my favorite cross and stake her arms and legs upon it
Can't, I gotta wait for JonBenét to rot and flake up off it

My thoughts on the matter? Ox 'em all
Splatter they jaws with Gemstar patterns, gauze and bandages
My dogs are savages, all of 'em heartless,
Gnashing and gnawing your carcass just to marvel and laugh at it
Leave your heart danglin', mangled with arteries tanglin'
Watch mechanical jaws of cannibals lock
Saw like animal claws and talons,
My mandible's sharp as Hannibal's thoughts, ravages gods like the Kraken
It's Hard to imagine a shark that could grapple with awesome mechanics
You vomit... panicking... lost in a labyrinth
Harsher than Canibus loss to Dizaster
Harder to fathom than all the cadavers lost and abandoned in war on all the planet,
You can find the god dashin across the savannah
You impalas is rapid but trapped in my-BLAH BLAH YOU'RE A FAGGOT
I'm that immature alcoholic immaculate
Trapped in a bottle just like a miniature model battleship

Big Teck on the assault, verbal tomahawk
Lobbing off half of your dome, open my monologue
First page... I burst with rage
You shouldn't have started this shit in the first place
I'll grab the knife and begin to cut, slice your chin
Cut off your ears, vultures fly miles for them
I'll put your eyes on your chin, with a smile or a grin
Like Heath Ledger had when he fuckin died at the end
Then I'll step back and look at you. FUCK YOUR FACE
Find out where you live, shoot up the place
I'll cut your pug into steaks
I'll tell your baby sister "you're the real reason he died, you little fuckin mistake"
It's something of a thrill, like a hunt or chase
Funeral Crasher, in your wife's cunt for days
I'll slap your mother at your wake, and tell her FUCK HIS FACE
And if your boys step in, I'll turn your BUDS to SHAKE
Unless you're on the run, talk how you walk son
Lob one grenade, better call Bruno Mars son
C'mon son. Don't talk none if you don't want none
Shotgun'll take off your leg, now Terry Fox RUN

Then I'll give you let shots until your tibia snaps
Come back the next day and draw a dick on the cast
Fuck your bitch quickfast, laugh, I get in her ass
And you won't do shit like the last five minutes of class

You rock a SnapBack? I don't give a fuck bro
So did Ash from Pokemon and Theodore Tugboat
You cry everyday, and we've had enough so, you...
Wait, don't pussies only bleed once a month yo??
He already a duck, so I don't need duck him
When I get things going, it's like Adam n Eve fuckin
Stop the teeth-suckin, or you gonna need somethin'
To pump air in your lungs whenever you wanna BREEEATHE youngin!
I ain't a gold miner or coal miner, 'cause no miner
Goes deep as my mind - you stuttering like a broke lighter
Whole time, I'm hatin' with no bias - this dope rhyme is
Stuck on your brain like you sniffed coke with no sinus