SPLASH watch me interrupt the calm waters
DAM thats the kid runnin threw all ya daughters
SMASH that pussy like slots that collect quarters
van city specialist collect hymans like hoarders
drugs across boarders thugs with camcorders
lyrically passin you in the fast lane movin bodies like the coroner
agressive thoughts against my team make ya mommy morn ya
laid up in the cut inside the corridor
some shit you never saw before chris rocked cb4 fly out the airplane door
earthquake score calculated on the richter scale
hand up the skirt to determine wether bitch or mail
butcher scale sales, grams to a keyloy
pull magical rugs from b boys underneath they feet poise
and posture, lobster in the pasta
fuckin wit me is a nono like a mobster pullin ganja
smoke out handi caps in caddillacs my manly raps harm ya
got ya back for the karma double barrell like the lama
keep the pussy exotic like marijuana