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Thread: Killah Priest Interview with HipHopGame .. (talks about the Cilvaringz Beef)

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    Default Killah Priest Interview with HipHopGame .. (talks about the Cilvaringz Beef)

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    After listening to ďLord Marduk,Ē I gotta ask. Whatís going on with you and Cilvaringz?

    This is the first and last time Iím going to talk about this. In 2012 Cilvaringz hit me up to be on his album and I saw it as an opportunity for my album also. We had a conversation, real light, over the phone and I came out to NY, my hometown, but in the contract, I told him, ďListen, hereís the contact. Iíll do the verse if you can put a banner up on Wu-Tang Corp. Just help me out and support. Show me that you want to support me as much as you want me to support you. You know, one hand wash the other.Ē He had agreed to that. He said, ďOh yeah.Ē I wouldnít do nothing until that was in the contract. It was all love, but I wanted to keep it business too. I did my part and we created the contract. My man Gee was there. He made the contract and he sent it to me. I read it and I had my lawyers see it and whatever. It was in there. Okay, fine. Iíll do the verse and you make sure you put that banner up there. I do the verse and this dude never, ever contacted me again, even when I was leaving. I wanted to stay a couple of extra days. he never got back in touch with me. I never heard from him ever again. As much as I tried to contact him, he stopped answering the phone.

    And the person he had working, he said, ďI donít know, Priest. Heís just acting like a bitch right now.Ē Even the dude that was working with him was saying that He wasnít answering the phone and I never spoke to him and that shit was just eating at me, man. Itís like, that dudeís a fake and heís lying. Even when they said my album was dropping, he never picked up the phone and asked me about it and asked if I was good and if I needed him to do anything. He didnít give me no information. So time goes by and time goes by and it dawned on me, man, Cilvaringz is fake and heís a liar. Heís all about the music but heís not really about being a man of his word or looking out for his brother like he say he is. So one day I was doing a track and I just expressed it. Itís all love. Everything I said was the truth and I felt like I said all that was needed to say. Itís one and itís done. I let it out there.

    So he got the word and called me up and said, ďI heard you dissed me on the track.Ē I told him it wasnít even a diss. Itís real life. I just said it and you can take it for what it is. But thatís exactly what happened and Iím not lying. Heís a liar. But all of a sudden, after he heard that I dissed him, heís calling me a lot and I saw how he could pick up the phone and call me when it was about his personal self. Thatís what I donít like about brothers like that. Itís not about selling records. Itís about keeping up with each other. Weíre older now and weíre in a different state. Donít play with me like that. Heís a liar and thatís the truth. He says heís a man of his word but he lied to me, and that was it. And for everybody out there, thatís exactly what happened. CIlvaringz, just practice what you preach and donít lie to real dudes because that shitís going to come back on you and a cat like me, Iím not going to have that. I came at him like a brother and he tried that bullshit. Get that industry bullshit out of you and be real and holla at cats. And that goes out to the Wu-Tang Nation out there. I was talking about Cilvaringz on there. Word up.

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    I was just about to post this shit. Dope interview.
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    Youíve been touring with Ghostface a lot too. Whatís your relationship like with him today?

    Yeah, thatís my brother right there. Weíre going to end up doing an album. Weíre working on a lot of stuff. Weíre on the road and we write down a lot of ideas. Heís very supportive of the album. I have tears in my eyes. We were on tour in Canada and let me say this. For a lot of people out there, Iím glad everybodyís got their albums now. I make sure if you pay for it I make sure that you get it. We finally got it on Amazon. When we first started the tour, I was actually doing a show in place of Inspectah Deck in Canada. So when I went out there, it was three days ahead of Ghost getting there. He wanted me on the tour. And the same day that the CDs were done, I was leaving and I had to go pick up my CDs and it was too far. The plane was right there. You know, it was just too far, man. Word. All the way down by San Diego or something. It was too far so I didnít even have the CDs on the road, but thatís what made it so wild. Through my team, I got it delivered. My team delivered the CDs.

    And Ghost helped me a lot. Heís very supportive. Weíre going to do an album. Weíve already recorded together. Thatís my brother right there.
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    Great interview. Thx for the link.

    Anakim Anthidium Army? that sounds sick

    i believe that translates into "Giant Killa Bee Army"

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    I doubt the trade was a verse for a banner ad so he still probably got paid for his verse.

    Priest needs to get the sand out of his vag. Can't believe he dissed him over that.
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    Just as a reminder.... Wu-Latino has never worked with the Wu-Tang Clan.

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    Everyone will defend Priest here, simply cause he recently dropped an amazing album. No one of us knows what actually happened. Let's leave it like that. This will be a long discussion..

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    props for posting this Jammin. Excellent interview.

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    Thanks for posting. I'm wondering how Cilva refers to this situation

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    Cilvaringz needs to change his tampons a bit more often. He acts kinda girlish at times.
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    Cilva has already addressed this... he said that Priest's guy never even sent him a banner to put up here or some shit like that.

    Dope interview though.


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    Quote Originally Posted by killah priest
    And the person he had working, he said, ďI donít know, Priest. Heís just acting like a bitch right now.Ē Even the dude that was working with him was saying that He wasnít answering the phone and I never spoke to him and that shit was just eating at me, man. Itís like, that dudeís a fake and heís lying.

    but hes gonna drop the album that saves wu.. right after he finishes last minute edits and mixing... which will never happen...

    killah priest >>> loser ass wu tang wanna bees

    i remember cilva wanted to do an album with killah p called heavier mental but only wanted to do it if killah p came to morocco... killah p has a life and doesnt wanna be around loser wannabees

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    Nigga has been lying for years. Priest just confirmed my assumptions.

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    I'm going to buy my second copy of the priest album...and will not pay 1 cent to cilvaringz( if the album ever leaves his underground bunker that is)

    KP first ballot hip hop hall of famer wu legend for the win

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