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Thread: liquid swords poster

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    Default liquid swords poster

    I would love to get a LQ poster, I have always liked the artwork done by Denny Cowan.I have spent time searching Google but cant find it anywhere. Plus any of the companies that do customised posters seem to need a very HQ image to reproduce (almost 4MP)

    Anyway, I figured my best chances are to get it with the reissue, But with what box set does the reproduction 24*24 poster come with? is it the LP or the chess boxset CD set they released last year ?


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    It's the LP. The chessbox set only has a CD, but they're releasing a limited edition soon with all the stuff including the chessbox with the vinyl. If you want it right now you have to buy the vinyl reissue from 2011

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    appreciate the reply, I don't have an LP player, but I guess ill have to sacrifice that just to get the poster...

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