yeah, so this piece inspired by the harlem fake movement that's going viral...and the move to shake down not only harlem...

...vanilla shake or whatever you wanna' call it
I know it's all fraud 'cause I know it ain't Harlem
and I'm from Philly, east coast's second largest city
central and south New Jersey with me
you'z can't be lettin' 'em shake you down any
overwhelm your culture with theirs to drown any
evidence of our intelligence, what we trying to build on
n!66az biting they tongues like concealed arms
the white sheep grazing the field strong, it's wild deep
so I got the mint jelly for when it's time to eat
50 minutes to pound the beach
90 minutes to reach ny city when it's time for me
my own city's not on-time for me
so I keep a close-knit, you need sewing kits for those we leave
my twin from the jbm and bm, the beast, and
no mortal soul can question me or my teachings
mess around, get left a mess around your nest
put the beans talk back in your chest via ya' neck...