The 2 Temptations that recently died, their names are Damon Harris and Richard Street. Bobbie Smith of The Spinners that died was 76 years old. He had lung cancer. I read the news about this at another website. Damon of The Temptations took Eddie Kendricks place and he only lasted with the group from 1971-1975. He said he was devastated when he was told he wasn't needed anymore. He was the same age as my dad which is 62. The Temptations and The Spinners have so many hits and i wanna thank these brothers that died for the legendary music they did. I'm so glad i grew up in the 70's and 80's when so much good r&b music was out. R&B music now is trash and i feel bad for black kids now with the r&b they're listening to. I don't even think most black kids now listen to r&b LOL. Did ya'll see TV One's Unsung documentaries about The Temptations members Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin? They're good.