I love porn, I couldn't live without it,
"I LOVE PORN!", to the world I'm gonna shout it,
I love to see a dude fucking five different cunts,
or a hot slut sucking five cocks at once,
I love to watch all kinds of nasty stunts,
sluts taking two from behind and two from the front,
I love to see a slut take a load in the face,
or even one hundred and be totally disgraced,
lap up every last drop so that none goes to waste,
and act like she can't get enough of the taste,
I love to see a slut who's a wild moan and groaner,
bouncing up and down on a big viagra boner,
I wish there was a job in porn for this Aussie stoner,
so I could be reduced to just a cock and sperm doner,
I'd love to fuck sluts with no morals, seeking glamour,
in awkward positions to allow for the cameras,
I'd love to fuck for hours like a human jack hammer,
and finally make the most of my freakish stamina,
I'd love to suck on titties that were one day a B,
and then the next they were up to an E,
one month later they're up to a G,
and the thousand other guys who are paid to fuck these sluts,
in the pussy, down the throat, between the tits, and up the butt,
jerking worn out cocks with tired wrists to bust a nut,
then shooting in her eye and from her roster being cut.
I'd love to fuck sluts with no self esteem who want it rough,.
gag in the mouth, and restrained in handcuffs,
oh how I'd love to do all this stuff,
but sadly my cock is just not big enough.