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    anyone take illegal highs here? i haven't took a drug in 3 weeks and feel like i can treat my girlfirend alot better...helpin out wit bills n shit..i even buy her sweets from the shop instead of relyin on her....but anyway the people i usaully take drugs with are the same friends i've grown up with since school...so basically know them in and out....but ever since bathsalts come on the scene two of them caught rape charges and the sick thing is one of them try'd fuckin his own sister........i aint talk too him since and proberly never will but this was a good friend so i blame it on bathsalts fuckin with his mind...
    A 29-YEAR-OLD man from ???? appeared before ??? magistrates charged with rape and with sexual activity with an adult, allegedly taking place on June 27.

    bobby digital made my mind strong so i can pin up e pills wit no come down...how many of your friends be gone for good?

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    worlds greatist emcee...

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