No way did my parents do a good job. My parents divorced when I was 8yrs old and I dont think I was ever a big enough priority in their lives. They each lead alternative lifestyles and it seems they were never concerned with how that affected me or what I thought at all. They never went out of their way to provide guidance for me and I believe they just assumed that I would grow up without adversity. I since have been through alot of hardships which I believe could have been avoided if the proper parenting had taken place at crucial points in my development.

The number one thing that I would do differently is put more of an emphasis on education than what I had in my household growing up. I was not punished for ditching or failing in school. I did those things on purpose as a cry for attention and help to my mother who was more concerned with her personal life and relationships than my education.

I would also be more open minded than my parents were. They both had a general sense of who I was but never got to know the details. They just assumed that my beliefs and desired lifestyle were aligned with the way they were living. To this day I struggle to define myself and find contentment with my situation.