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Thread: New El-P and Killer Mike

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    yeah thats probably the reason it got moved to ruff buff. even less people bought tickets to the show in rochester is my guess.

    fuck it man one of the best concerts i ever saw was del the funky homosapien, in buffalo actually. there was literally 15 people there. i was 2 feet away and this dude was going ham off the dome with freestyles it was disgusting.
    Most of the shows I go to only have a few people. Saw rakim in Buffalo and there really wasn't that many people but then I was reading in the news that lil wayne and niki manaj was sold out I guess people aren't into real music any more. Del would have been a good show, I guess there's going to be a new deltron album coming out hope I can catch a deltron show. It seems like the wu is hitting up Buffalo more though. Caught gza, a couple wu-tang shows and a kool G Rap/raekwon/R.A. The rugged man show up here.

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    yeah ive seen several wu shows in buffalo. all the rochester ones ive bought tickets for have been canceled haha. legit over 6 shows.
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    Heard they releasing this for free under Fools Gold sometime this month.

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