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no fucking way 8D is better! Iron Flag is loaded with bangers has maybe two weak tracks and no mention of Justin Timberlake
the beats on iron flag are weak. 8 diagrams isn't all that much better, but at least it's unique in a way. I've only given iron flag one full spin and don't intend to give it another one.

but I don't care about those two disappointments anymore. I just want the new album to be good, but I think they need other producers.

I don't trust RZA anymore. Black Mozart and New Wu off CL2 were bangers, but he had no beats on shaolin vs. wu-tang, and yet his own pupil gave Rae a dope ass beat (Silver Rings). he gave Wu-Massacre one decent beat (Our Dreams) and I think he had one mediocre beat on Pro Tools. and when was the last time he gave Ghost a beat, Pretty Toney Album??