Beyonce has a new song out and i forgot the name of it but the lyrics say that bitches need to bow down to her and Keyshia Cole got angry at what she said. Keyshia said when she was with Destiny's Child, she was doing songs telling black women they need to stick together and love each other. Now she's telling black women to bow down to her because she thinks she's the best r&b female singer. I haven't heard Beyonce respond to her but i would like to know what she thinks about Keyshia's comments. It's obvious that Beyonce has a ego because she's sold a lot of records, her concerts always sellout and she's done some movies that have made money. Plus she's married to Jay-Z. I do think Beyonce is the best r&b female singer and i don't listen to r&b female singers. Reason i say she's the best is because she can sing, she can dance, she's cute and sexy, she does songs you can dance to. Most r&b female singers don't do songs you can dance to and i like songs that have uptempo beats because i'm not into a lot of love songs.