I was watching the classic scene in Poetic Justice just now on Youtube when Janet and 2Pac were arguing in the mail truck. 2Pac said save that black woman shit because you bleed once a month like the rest of the hoes hahahahahahahahahaha. And we ain't talking about my momma. We talking about your stuck up ass LOL. Think a nigga supposed to do some magic tricks for your ass LOL. She said pull over muthafucka i'll walk. He said get your shit. Scandalous ass muthafucka. Walking will do them fat ass thighs some good LOL. She said i better not see your ass in LA ok because i'm gonna get somebody to fuck you up. He said fuck you bitch, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you bitch hahahahahahahahahaha. If Regina King hadn't been in the truck, 2Pac would've left Janet walking LOL.

Another scene i like is when 2Pac first meets Janet at her beauty salon job and she said to him, you wanna smell my punany and he said yeah LOL. She said wait a minute baby. So she got her boss Tyra Ferrell and Tyra blew her breath in 2Pac's face and her and Janet started laughing LOL. He said i'm outta here, crazy ass bitches LOL. I miss 2Pac.