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Thread: 2 days of listening to 12 reasons to die and?

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    Default 2 days of listening to 12 reasons to die and?

    I think this is the third classic album from Ghost. So he has got Ironman, Suprem Clinetel and 12 Reasons to die are all classic albums.

    12 reasons to die should be made into a movie.

    Adrian younge is now a player in hip-hop. I would not mind if done a few tracks on the next clan lp.

    I just want to thank Ghost, Adrian and RZA for making me belive in modern Wu-tang Music again.

    Now Bring on the Next Clan album we are ready.

    Peace to the gods.

    Plus Masta Killa was classic with- It's non-stop hustling, flow of their own casino
    RZA Tarantino
    It's Wu Gambino for life, you know how we go
    And to the last death blow, mi amigo. WOW Classic. On i Declare War

    Killa Sin was Classic too.
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