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    Abnormal mc, spittin direct to your mind like telepathy,
    lyrical complexity out of this world like astronomy,
    most cant comprehend my philosophies,
    stopping me where I stand, the devils treachery in my own hand,
    poisonous darts secret from my saliva glands,
    it takes my full force to divorce the devils evil course,
    synthetically manufactured words from the herds lost in despair,
    sight seeing over the earth’s atmosphere,
    the devil pushing fear on the mentally unclear,
    they cant face the severity of my wordplay weaponry,
    population sedation, use your mind, dont loose it like amputation,
    dispatch a two headed serpent of huge statcher,
    to capture back blind minds,
    breaking the tradition of psychological submission

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    Default Re: Abnormal mc

    I noticed as you tried to put some sense accross towards the end whilst the beginning was more like you were busting. Though you used a lot of rhymes and meaningful words.


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    Default Re: Abnormal mc

    nice verse

    nice wordplay

    liked it alot especially these lines the best

    "lyrical complexity out of this world like astronomy,
    most cant comprehend my philosophies,"

    overall a good drop, keep it goin


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