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Thread: Wu-tang plaque wanted

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    Default Wu-tang plaque wanted

    I always wanted a wu plaque, a few weeks ago on ebay I was outbid by like a dollar on a 36 chambers in house plaque. If anyone wants to sell one I might be interested in buying it. Let me know.

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    Anyone else have plaques they want to sell? Just picked up a gold Big L really want a Wu to go with it.
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    Got a couple, but still looking for riaa wu plaques. Hit me up if your looking to sell.
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    Thanks, but I'm looking for the ones given out by the riaa to the people who worked on the album. They are pretty rare but I've seen 8 on ebay in the last couple years. I got 2, a odb and a blackout I could have got a W one but it was beat to shit. I'd pay a good amount for another legit wu plaque or even a redman plaque.
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    Just got redmans old muddy waters and docs da names plaques thanks. I'm still looking for the rest though.
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    ill shitz
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    Those are nice I got these last week. Redmans muddy waters plaque and redmans docs da name plaque. These things are huge I thought they were going to be smaller. The docs da name is like 3ft tall and the muddy waters is like 3ft wide

    A couple of days ago I won these on eBay. Redmans tical 2000 plaque and a dare iz a darkside plaque. I wonder why redmans selling all his plaques. There was a few other of redmans plaques up there also a couple funk flex plaques presented to redman a busta plaque presented to redman and a missy Elliot plaque presented to redman.


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