A rich man got a team headed by a gold analyst to track gold internationally. There is one instance where a central bank took gold from a country to a bullion bank for storage, and instead of storing it, melted it down and sold it as jewelry. The bank could still claim to own the gold, cuz it's on their books as rented not sold. Shady.

This rich man thinks gold is running out. All the gold ever found is enough to fill 3 olympic swimming pools.

Last full count (audit) of gold in fort knox was 1954. Full disclosure was defeated in the congress.

There is a lingering suspicion that there really is no gold in fort knox.

Germany once asked to see their gold which is stored in U.S. and they were denied, because of "security concerns". Now Germany wants it's gold back.

Some believe there is 1 ounce of gold for every 100 ounces traded.

Where is the gold and who owns it?

I summarized most of it, but not in order, lol.

43 min doc if you wanna watch: