Last year in November we had the chance to interview Adrian Younge about the Ghostface album “12 Reasons To Die” he was working on. After some delays, which were used to finetune the album and add some more features, the new Ghostface album has dropped last week. Everyone who has checked it, agrees that this is rather a unique album for Ghostface and hip hop in general on all levels. The team behind this impressive project is to be found in the Soul Temple headquarters. Soul Temple, as most of you will know, is a new label RZA set up last year which already brought us the soundtracks for his “The Man With The Iron Fist” film. As Adrian already pointed out in our interview last year, 12 RTD is a team effort foremost and though the album cover states “Adrian Younge Presents” this was all put together by the joined creativity of Younge, Soul Temple co-founder Bob Perry and Soul Temple producer and A&R Andrew Kelley. Impressed by everything they came up with and intrigued by past, current and upcoming quality projects they want to offer Wu fans, we were able to reach out to both Bob Perry and Andrew Kelley for an interview on “Twelve reasons to Die” and all other things Soul Temple. Today we present you the second interview in our “12 RTD/Soul Temple” miniseries ( last year’s Adrian Younge interview being the first) as we talk to Andrew Kelley about his role in this project and the label, past and future projects and all things Wu. Enjoy!

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