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Thread: The Brown Tape Now Available: Digital/CD/LP

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    Again I think Apollo's beats on here are repetitive. I might agree with this being his best work since Gas Mask. Back then it still worked, but I got to hear the exact same beats on his collaborations with Hassaan Mackey, OC and Guilty Simpson. I can't believe Apollo is still using the same drums and no one mentioned this. I have to give Apollo credits for making the acapellas sound good on his beats, because this is a difficult job.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Swanson View Post
    It'd be cool to see what Madlib could come up with if he was given the acapellas.
    That would definitely be cool. But even though Madlib is one of my favorite producers, I think it would not come close to Younge's version. I want a Ghost album produced by Madlib.

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