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Thread: Substance Abuse feat. KRS-One "Rear View"

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    Default Substance Abuse feat. KRS-One "Rear View"


    also peep the new video for "Slow Ya Roll"

    buy the new Substance Abuse album "Background Music" featuring Tash, KRS-One, Sadat X, MC Eiht, Percee P, Myka Nyne, and Max Julien: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ba...ic/id583083208


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    Rear View is a dope track. I can see the future demolition of degrading labels. I also like the promotion of being who you are in what you write. Recording people in my area, I've come across many "rappers" who simply try emulating Rick Ross. I talk to em off the record and they have a family that's provided for through a job with good pay. But they "used to be runnin' the streets so they can talk that shit."

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