JT Money of Poison Clan is also one of my favorite southern rappers and he doesn't get talked about a lot. I like a lot of Poison Clan songs and my favorite of their's is Check Out The Avenue. Video version is better than the album version. I wish the video was on Youtube. I'm gonna buy the single on vinyl because i can't find it on cd. I also like JT Money's Who Dat song with r&b singer Ginuwine's wife Sole(she's cute) and Hi-Lo song. I like his collabo with Luke of 2 Live Crew called Cowards In Compton that disses Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg. The video is so funny and so are the lyrics. LOL@at the beginning of the song when Luke says i'm gonna let niggas rip ya'll gay ass muthafuckas. Snoop ass ho ass dog ass nigga LOL. Dre you ain't nothing but my bitch LOL. I'm a make you my bitch cause you look like you can suck a nigga's dick LOL. Ho ass muthafucka LOL. At the end of the song, Luke says have you ever got head on stage nigga? LOL. I get head from your muthafucking ho on stage LOL. You let the bitch be in the audience cause i'm a take that pussy LOL. You old pussy ass faggot ass nigga hahahahahahahahahaha. Cowards in Compton get sprayed every muthafucking day. You ho ass nigga LOL. You my bitch bitch LOL.