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Thread: 9th Prince Presents Allan Ali - Marijuana Wisdom

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    Quote Originally Posted by diggy View Post
    Allan Ali raps better.
    Of course he is. I thought that was the whole point of this "presenting" bullshit?! Would be a bit weird if he outshined him (not that I remember 9th ever outshining anyone for that matter)...

    Anyway: It seems Allan Ali is a young dude from SI. Good lyricist. Has a few nice tracks over on YT.

    Like this one e.g.:

    Might be interesting to follow his development.


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    This shit is dope...

    Lovin' the old school feel on this one.

    Allan Ali definitely can spit...One to watch for.

    You gotta respect 9th for always keeping things gully and never coming with wack commercial type shit. No matter what you think of 9th, he's always working hard to bring you the type of shit the fans want.

    "Shaolin Prince" is going to be SICK!!!

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    ^^^ Indeed. Even though he might not be a top-notch MC, thanks to his ear for beats and work ethics (I suppose) he has got a couple of dope albums under his belt - group AND solo.

    So respect to the 9th Prince!


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