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Thread: BOB PERRY: 12 Reasons To Die Interviews series (Pt 3)

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    Default BOB PERRY: 12 Reasons To Die Interviews series (Pt 3)

    As we already learned from the interviews with Adrian Younge and Andrew Kelley, Bob Perry was the man who had been brooding on a concept hip hop album for quite some time already plus the man discovering and convincing Adrian Younge to take up production duties for it, thus preparing the way for “12 Reasons To Die” to become the great piece of art it proves to be. Besides this he is also the man who worked with RZA, Lil Fame and Andrew Kelley amongst others on the “Chamber music” albums and part of the “Man with the Iron Fist” soundtrack, releases that were not only very well received by fans for grabbing the old Wu feel and transporting it today but also led to a decision that is providing us with quality music : Together with RZA he founded Soul Temple Records, a Wu focused label with a Mission. Bob Perry has been so kind to take the necessary time to answer all of our questions on the projects and the label. So we hope you have already digested what the Kelley interview offered as we now take you on another trip down Soul Temple Lane in which we look at the whole process that lead to “12RTD” , the first collaborations with the team we now know as the Soul Temple crew and the hectic (due to Sandy’s “perfect” timing!) startup of this label and its projects, ambitions and principals. Enjoy!

    Read full interview here:


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    Good Read, cant wait for the U-god album, i am really hoping with fingers crossed that this album lives up to expectation

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