It is the moral obligation of every normal human individual to stop the homosexual advance, before it destroys the fabric of our society, people need to take seriously the social responsibility that has been portioned to them as a result of being born, not to mention the social ramifications and legacy they are passing on to there children and future generations.

I believe People need to stop being politically correct and trying to judge people based on there individuality and instead think about the greater good of society. Homosexuals are out of control, I mean a behaviour that was once considered sinful and disgusting is slowly being shoved down our throats, legitimized and tolerated instead of being shunned and marginalized as it should be.

People seem to think the only place for decent is in institutions like the church and what not, but I feel it's the moral and civil duty of the average person to halt the Homosexual advance, as it's the average person who gets married has 2.5 children, which inturn produces the glue that holds the fabric of society together and produces social cohesion and structure, making it possible for humanity to flourish .

homosexuality has no place in legitimate society and if the average persons fails or does not realize that it's his or her responsibility to see off this evil then society is doomed !!!.