Listen dipshits,

Because so many incompetent murricafags who know nothing about their country, and/or economy are making comments/posts about how great their shithole is, i'm gonna tell you how it actually is.

You have no actual freedoms.

For example the freedom of speech isn't a real "freedom". It's like the freedom to wear shoes, a worthless nicety that falls apart the second real tyranny comes your way. You are censored anyway by your FCC, the police and social pressures. Further, your true rights are ones that are indelible as in you have the right to be silent and you have the right to die. You are also the most policed and monitored nation ever to exist. You have no privacy, someone is always watching and someone is always listening. Your own government even sells you all out to companies trying to make money off your personal information and privacy.
You don't know why that is wrong.

Your nation has the most prisoners in the world, and contains 25%of the world's prisoners. The chances of being in jail in the USA are greater than any place on earth. You are a police nation, which is why you have to constantly lie to yourselves and others that you are a "free nation" even "the freest nation on earth". Lies so desperate are pathetic.

Unlike what you are told (or how you lie to yourself) your taxes are some of the highest on earth. Your politicians keep you angry at welfare recipients and immigrants, though they consume a very minor fraction of taxes. The real waste is the trillions of dollars spent on your bloated defense "industry" and worthless medical subsidies where most of the money is not spent on medicine but CEO salaries and profit margins.

Your average national income isn't $45,000 as some sources state, rather most Americans earn $15,000 a year. People earning incredible amounts of money annually (hundreds of millions) skew the data. Americans make believe they earn more by borrowing money they can't afford in the form of Mortgages, Loans and Credit. You all barely scrape by, pretending everything is alright and this false lifestyle will last forever.

Most Americans have never seen the ocean and have never left their home counties. Your education system ranks lowest among all developed,
1st world nations and it shows vividly to the world. One fifth of all Americans can NOT point at the USA on a map. Really, people?

Petty nationalism is the gluey lies that tie your nation together. Americans constantly say that if they didn't exist, the world would fall apart. Americans also consume half of the world's resources despite being a fraction of the population. Such behavior is just a symptom of depraved narcissism. That you actually believe you are that important is sad. You are nothing but a drain of the world with delusions of grandeur.

Your healthcare system is a disgrace and ranked lowest of all of the developed nations. You have the right to housing or health, not both. Most "insured" Americans find themselves paying most of their medical bills with no help from their insurance company. One million Americans go bankrupt due to healthcare costs every single year. Many Americans die of easily treatable diseases due to lack of coverage and people not going to the doctor to save a few dollars.

Americans have no culture. Where culture should be, you have "buying things" and "television shows".

Your fake Ayn Rand/ Milton Friedman "independent capitalist" jargon causes the most damage. Americans don't understand how that mentality doesn't benefit them, but only boost their personal egos. In other words you have stubborn pride where you should have thought.

The United States have approximately 16.5 TRILLION dollars in debt, and the infrastructure is shit. You have the highest fucking obesity rate in the whole world, you stupid fuckers won't accept the metric system, and your whole country is dumb as fuck.

If for example austria (not australia) had the population of the US, They have earned 1.335 Nobel awards. Beat that, fuckers.

I'm pretty sure most of you don't even know that the entire population of the US are basically immigrants from Europe. You are lucky to be our descendants, we have Mozart, Strauss & Strauss jr., Haydn, Bach, Einstein, Kafka, Freud, Schrödinger, Doppler, Mateschitz (creator of Red Bull), Schwarzenegger, Waltz, etc. I could continue this list forever. I haven't even talked about America's uneducated children, or the infrastructure in e. g. Finland or Austria, which is a million times better, but i'm sure you can google that. (By the way, without the genius minds of Austria, you wouldn't be able to cure most common diseases, so fuck you)

Disprove this, Murricans.