Since the beginning of time the upright and vile has quarreled
The respectable struggle with appeals and the bad with morals
It’s been the persistent conflict between decent and malevolent
Adam and Eve’s enticement was not the apple but the serpent
The astute, stunning creature duped the two during a dispute
Venomous heathen got them evicted from the Garden of Eden
Cain was a soil tiller and embroiled in the malice of gargoyles
The pleasure seeker never intended to be his brother’s keeper
Not tightfisted, Abel brought firstlings of his flock of livestock
Cain’s stingy donation was disapproved and he became angry
Enraged and with envy engaged the beast came out the cage
Ground herder with psyche on the burner committed murder
Noah had huge surge visualizations of an apocalyptic deluge
He is a righteous man in a generation of dreadful conditions
Temptation not salvation is rampant in a time of degradation
Mankind wickedness blinds and maligns their peace of mind
He’s told to build ark and save his wife and a remnant of life
Scuds of mud and blood interlace during the forty day flood
Lott is noble man that travels with patriarch of Israel Abram
The respectable individual abides by praiseworthy principles
He dwells in Sodom where along with Gomorrah its pure hell
Men perspire with impieties and can’t quench sexual desires
Infuriated heavens rained on these cities brimstone and fire
His wife became pillar of salt after family was able to depart
For many centuries it’s been way of loan shark to tear apart
Since start of existence dismal beings desecrated and hated
From birth humans become most destructive force on earth
Previous impious lost souls have been perverse and devious
Modern irreverent spirits are faithless insolents and vicious
A fatherless essence has engendered dim hearts of darkness
Mayweather’s alias should be Satan, he’s master of deception
Self-centered and deluded with rapid hand-speed to mislead
Plighted villain prison freed but won’t recede from misdeeds
Child of the corn, Malachai forlorn and disinclined to reform
Born deformed with obscured Omen horns of Damien Thorn
Son of the devil, disheveled rebel settled in disreputable revel
Two-faced woman beater with facial features of Grim Reaper
Shrill sinful Chupacabras quills with instilled veiled ill will
His character has made him flaming pitchfork embraceable
Muhammad was boastful, but he was respected and likable
Not Ali, so why use an arrogant blueprint for self-promotion
Publicity whore, willing to sell his soul for carnal adulation
On 24/7 he doesn’t hesitate to flex paper mills of $100 bills
With Nile crocodile smile he shows off a pimp’s lavish lifestyle
Gambling problems? Gaming help-lines could not solve them
Chappelle’s loudmouth fictitious rapper “Fisticuffs” is Floyd
Vociferous steroids are deployed soon as chops are employed
Embalm orifice cause he called Emanuel Steward Uncle Tom
He said Robert uses wifey’s previous infirmities for sympathy
And this dubious cat claims to be despised cause he’s black?
Redd Foxx big dummy, it’s the overkill vanity and pomposity
Within lucent skin he possesses six of the seven deadly sins
Lust - for mundane, attain fame and royalty supreme reign
Anger - he beat mother of his children for seeing other men
Pride - Minaj “Stupid Hoe” won’t do 50/50 with the Filipino
Envy - he can only daydream of Guerrero–Berto toe-to-toe
Covetousness - his obsession is material wealth not health
Gluttony - greed for money made him careless of the needy
He’s callous stilt built, so he’ll never be burdened by guilt
This sneak picks weak and bleak so he will never be beat
Robert is total opposite, no shticks or shock value antics
No landing strips of entourages grounding large ego trips
No cherry picks, foes easy to pistol whip like Floyd did Vic
No disrespecting Merchant elders or cursing out his father
Fantasma is family man with a sacred plan that’s no sham
The temperament is laudable and individuality admirable
His infinite projection of earnest love comes from up above
The innate goodness is there for LeBron James to Witness
Spiritual purity has bestowed him innocence and humility
Impossible to rattle, he’s been made to feel unconquerable
Who triumphs on the Cinco de Mayo upheaval, good or evil?
Jekyll & Hyde subdivide during a tsunami of this high tide
Will The Ghost prevail? Serve then feast like the Holy Grail?
Will The Demon’s ghoulish disposition wreck an apparition?
Pick your side, decide with pride and watch the two collide
Who’ll have enmity in their demeanor? Who’s the Cleaner?
The Good (Robert), The Bad (Floyd), The Ugly (Floyd Senior)?