Boast in poems been roaming lands handling hams hard as a motherfucker
zone out brother bonded bind up minds like a psychotherapist/
Wrap up slime rocking lines off with his head
And revive eím from the ashes like phoenix/
Burst versus words worsens weapon ton of change
Iron lung range been engaged since I locked and load/
Molded verbalís to enough barbells sided decks
Check ya cards, cut cha cards, make sure they ainít marked/
Darted all over ya boards, watch me play chess
And address flows with pros and cons in ya nose bone/
Shown in a vibe wired tighter than a pussy that just got fucked
Broke the walls down been dropping bodies on mics like ike beating tina/
Been a dreamer, always been a prime time schemer
So when I dream I river lean been screaming at the top of my lungs/
Watch me rock a flow like the freedom tower
Never cower been there since the idles rival the fits of the wild/
Roamin ya zone back in my mack lack in ya packs
Sipping on tracks like coglomorates be in tack/
Supernatural rocking offices men of letters
Dead headers federal vetters been a trend setter/
Jettison rocket launchers pocket ya dimension
Principal pension whatever is written now has to be told
So those that come after us can behold/

Behold what cha told; whatever is written now has to be told
So that those that come after us can behold what we represent