Bitch donít kill my vibeÖ
Watch spit this rhyme underline dimed out minds/
Driven wines switch my darts leave you cateracts mastering facts
Tackling acts only rolled up dutches, swtich stances
Sword styles now your just trampled with the void leaving no man behind/
Cut down heads
like a St. Valentine Day romances/
Cold cut cancers, bitch donít kill my vibe
When Iím writing novels, pitching screen plays to DC, Warner and Marvel/
Bitch donít kill my vibe run through darts let eím ride
Side out cha decks my whips driven clips AR-15 clips runth the cup over
Sun scold watch me run game drop out cha plague I mastering skills by the wave/
Slain down the lane, welcome to my hall of pain and no gain
Slave over a hot stove, drove a quarter mile just spit flows in the enclave/
Unload on sucker emcees cannot stand the auditory effects
I kick with the kicks spit hi-hats wire flats tired maps given a BOOM!/
Watch cha burst at the seams looking at the schemes I plot and plan out
Damage never had recall like Peyton Manning dropped back, pass /
And improvise like Brett Farve, why deal harm
When you can charm your way out harmís way/
Bitch donít kill my vibe, Iím wired tight like two minds melded together
Face the force I am nicest than youíre a typical wack emcees/
Looking like lives versus were just a fantasy leaving you thinking hard
Itís hazardous to your health/

Bitch donít kill my vibe my rhymes will leave you tearing up in the morning
You cannot take it badly how you wanna be the beast from the east
The demon in the flesh represents how I rip eím apart
Ya know my heart so this is how I shoot my darts