Samson skeleton Daniel robust when he was in the lions den
1,000 heathen couldnít upset the polar bear nervous system
Siberian tiger muscle fibers tighter than scales of pit vipers
Mammal fat packed internal organs of strapped silverbacks
Thick hippopotamus protective skin inhibits cuts and nicks
Cobra head with razor-sharp visions of Apocalypto panteras
Plaster of Paris chin, pitbull jaw loaded and locked on limbs
Rottweiler collar connected to cranium like a voltage divider
Bison bolstered shoulders will reposition Colorado Boulders
Sturdy pecs of black rhinoceros can bench-press Loch Ness
Boa constrictor biceps move tectonic plates like the Richter
Steel beam powered arms will not collapse like Twin Towers
Cape buffalo abs coated with the iron oxide of magnetic tape
Giant anaconda stout thighs bred to be forceful and defiant
Elephant legs give the torso the support of circus tent pegs
Lithe Sasquatch fleet feet stride to the beat of an iron sheik
Mongoose reflexes and fortitude of Ancient Greek God Zeus
Supreme ruler of Mexico Olympus trained in the art of war
Wielding Thorís holy hammer causing thunderbolts to roar
Face fiend freckled, Conan Barbarian in the squared-circle
Schwarzenegger potent warrior with battle-axe and dagger
Vertebraes shatter after one swipe and body parts scatter
Gall bladders splattered and bowels evacuate fecal matter
Savagery seeking sword is the two fists attached to wrists
Heavy hitters are ripe melon splitters like Jack the Ripper
Tactual strengths severs clavicle and mutilates abdominal
He possesses anatomical knowledge when he gets surgical
The Mexican Bone Collector body bags foes for the coroner
Overheated transformer, quick to smolder log-cabin owners
Fiery loner unwilling to surrender like Christopher Dorner
Trout was New Mexico Lobo but Caneloís the apex predator
Freshwater gator with equator bite radius of moon craters
This radical and rabid jackal has been Django unshackled
Jet Li Unleashed demeaned and unclean fighting machine
Heís in for the kill, thrill of maim not the mighty dollar bill
Step in this brown bearís square and get that grizzly glare
Stalwart Kodiak paws claw until cast-iron jaws are flawed
Night owl eyesight is reason for counter uppercuts to jowl
Moose knuckles tap Austinís mandible and knees buckled
Eyes glazed and mind dazed, Destroyerís hands are raised
Bestia is double-belt suited, two more and heís undisputed