Shades force faced off maced off hated off raced off into the shadows
walk through my steps see my shoes see how I cruise and bruise/
fight through the pain and struggle
don't even flinch an inch or feel a pinch/
pitch flames from the cannon of a verse
words are a nurse never a curse
I held the torch and cobra clutch/
shaded touches Russian busters
muffle luster watch me drag on/
bag those cyclones what's in Rome I am home
respond first verse word disrupt cha logic/
been thru the muddy waters listening to muddy waters
dusted out minds in angels I am supernatural with intent
reprint cha lives like a children's card game I main/
soul control take the throne open loan
bust a flow like a lighting vortex/
favorites I major it like college athletics
genetics operatic seen through how I match wits/
spit clips under-write verbals in long lines at the grocer
I mostly supposed to be a shogun of the wally era/
i'm cold crushing tone touching dial flows sun up sun down
i'm rushing the field, bust through the defense is great offense/
throw back low macks open wraps
shown through the fences trip barbwire’s
I enter a sentence even with penitence/
diagnosis melatonin spit flames through flows I exhale
rocks a fate harsh harder rock silent pain/
knowledge in vein signed, sealed and delivered
driven my mind in a river always an arrow in my quiver/
shoot through the heart, spaded sparks made my mark
you know how I do, I rip a few, clip through pictures
spit out literature, open sanctuaries in the skies for agents to fly toward/
I can end cha turn, end cha worst by one play, one game
summoned all five pieces of Exodia, The Forbidden One
boom, boom pow!!!!!!!! ya gone and done son son/

it's the anatomy of a flow,break it down
show and prove it's the anatomy of a flow...