The reason i posted this topic is because it disgusts me to see old black NBA players that used to be good and they suck now and just taking up space on the bench because they're afraid to leave the league. I know what the problem is why so many of them are afraid to leave when they get old is because they have no money. What other reason could there be? The example i'm talking about is Rasheed Wallace who retired again because of a injury, Marcus Camby, Kurt Thomas, Kenyon Martin, Jason Kidd, Nazr Mohammed and several other old black players around the league. These guys don't play that much or they don't play at all. They can get mad at their coaches for not playing but the reality is it doesn't do any good to be mad at the coaches because they aren't good anymore. Black NBA players are retarded, at least most of them are because of how they spend their money. They don't know a damn thing about saving money and that's why so many of them are broke when their career is over. There's no excuse for old black players to still be playing when they should have enough money saved to live on for the rest of their life.

How come i never see old white NBA players playing? Because they know how to save their money and they speak well and they're educated and that's why some of them get a broadcasting sports job, a job with a NBA team working in management or coaching. If they don't wanna do any of those jobs, they probably have a lot of money saved so they can live good the rest of their life. That's not the case with old black NBA players. There's a few former black NBA players who have become coaches or gotten jobs with a NBA team in management and the ones that have done that i'm sure are good with how they manage their money. The Washington Post newspaper did a article about Allen Iverson a month ago and the article was sad talking about how he's trying to come back to the NBA, he lost 2 houses, he got a divorce, he doesn't have money and i don't have any sympathy for him because he's a dummy.