I was just watching that show on ESPN that has Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith but Stephen wasn't there. There was a black guy that's lightskin and i think his name is Chris Broussard and another white guy and Skip. They were having a conversation about Scottie saying Lebron will kick Michael Jordan's ass. Skip said he doesn't agree with Scottie because he thinks Michael is better. Chris said if Lebron continues to win championships for the next few years, then you can have that conversation. I don't care how many championships Lebron wins, he'll never be better than Jordan hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Nobody will ever be better than Jordan. Michael did so many amazing things that i've never seen any player do before him or after him. He led the league in scoring 8-9 times. He was one of the best dunkers and he dunked on a lot of people. He won 6 championships and if he hadn't retired the first time, he would've had 8 championships. I can't believe Scottie said this because he played with him and Scottie saw the amazing things he did. So for Scottie to say that is retarded. I'm sure Michael is laughing at what he said LOL. Only reason i can come up with for Scottie to say this is he's jealous of Michael.