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Thread: CRISIS THA SHARP SHOOTER : 2 Minutes Til' 9 Interview

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    Default CRISIS THA SHARP SHOOTER : 2 Minutes Til' 9 Interview

    Crisis The Sharpshooter is one half of the West Coast Killa Beez the Black Knights but since some time now also half of “2 Minutes Til 9”, a duo group he formed with Howard Hughes aka Leatherface. This West Coast MC recently released his Howard Hughes mixtape but was linked to the Black Knights crew from the beginning and had apparently already worked as a duo with Crisis in their young days. Last year they decided to reboot the group and started working in the studio again, their debut album is finished and being mastered for a summer release. Besides this project, Crisis is also working on his solo album, preparing a mixtape and has, besides the long awaited “All Skillz no Luck” album, yet another finished (Skarekrow produced) Black Knights album under his arm. But apart from these projects, he also has been working on a Black Knights of the Northstar reunion album, a full project with former Red hot Chilli Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, doing features on a new Holocaust album, a Black Knights collabo album with Shaka Amazulu the 7th ŕnd put a lot of time in getting their Blackball’d Ent label set up and ready to go. So all though some might have gotten the impression he had gone dormant, the opposite is the case. Enough reason for Wu-International to interview him on all these things and more, so if you are interested in one of the original West Coast Killa Beez’ plans and projects, please read on … Crisis, bringing it to you real soon, Enjoy!

    Read full interview here: http://www.wu-international.com/misc...9Interview.htm

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    How is it that you guys can't seem to find another color than red and orange? Those interviews are hard on the eyes.

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    Good shit right here!
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    Wu-International: Fans always want to know about Holocaust’s situation, especially now he is out, was he featured on this or any project with you all?

    Crisis: He's not on “All skills no luck” but I’m on his new album “Iron Swan” and he is a part of that Black Knights of the Northstar project.

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