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Thread: Paris Hilton Signs To Cash Money Records

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    Default Paris Hilton Signs To Cash Money Records


    (AllHipHop News) Busta Rhymes, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Birdman, Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton all now have something in common. They are all apart of the Cash Money Records Family.

    The socialite-turned-singer has signed to the iconic label, according to Rap-Up.com.

    Paris told Roger Friedman of Showbiz 411 the big news.

    The report says, “But the big news: this nightfly who is really a successful businesswoman is recording her second album of music right now. It will be issued by CashMoney Records and will feature many hip hop acts such as Lil Wayne. Paris told me Afrojack is producing it, and she hopes to have it out this summer.”

    “This is a lot different than my first album. It’s really going to be house music,” Paris said.

    The name of the album has not been announced. Her 2006 debut was Paris.

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    She will single handedly take back the rave scene...

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    i thought she hated black folks

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    Paris Hilton made music so her signing is somewhat understandable.

    What Paris Hiltion is trying to do looking for the fame, that's questionable.

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    She's looking for attention, but her 15 minutes were up in the mid 2000s.

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