Every Man is God by nature, whether he want to be or not, I donít care if youíre black, brown, yellow , white, half original or red. These are the six human families on Earth. And these will make the world go round, from the six human families everything else came: all the different races of people. But these are all Godís children, God said: ďThese are all my children. I got one White, one Black, one Brown, one Yellow, one Half Original and one Red.Ē See? Thatís six. These are the children of the Most High. I donít know where that came from, where people separated that and started looking at the pigmentation of other people and tried to judge another person to where you can get that stereotype and call this man a white man or call this man the devil or call this man a black man Ö know what Iím saying? what man really needs is intelligence. And I got respect for the next man as long as heís got that type of intelligence and he got that respect for me. We learned how to respect man, thatís what the 5 % Nation is about: I got respect for the next man and I want that next man to have respect for me.