Very rarely do i hear people that are his fans talk about this album. When his fans talk about his best albums, Can I Borrow A Dollar never gets mentioned and i don't understand it because it's his best album. His other albums besides Resurrection are soft. I know some of ya'll may get mad at what i'm about to say but he became a pussy after Resurrection hahahahahahahahahaha. It took Ice Cube to diss him for him to stop being a pussy to make The Bitch In You song which is hard. But then after that, he started making soft songs again LOL.

Anyway Can I Borrow A Dollar is a classic and i play it often. I like the songs A Penny For My Thoughts, Charms Alarm, Take It EZ, Heidi Ho, Breaker 1/9 video version, Two Scoops Of Raisins, Tricks Up My Sleeve, Puppy Chow, Soul By The Pound video version. I wish Breaker 1/9 and Soul By The Pound video versions were on the album. The Beatnuts did some production on the album. I like Can I Borrow A Dollar album pictures. Take It EZ, Breaker 1/9, Soul By The Pound videos are classics.