Pinkville was code-word for the Viet Cong iron grip vile kills
Vietnam War mass murderers strapped with napalm bombs
Charlie Company US Army fighters laden with hyper-snipers
1st Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment cart cannon medallions
Obit equipped with concise artillery and helicopter gunships
Portable firearms, automatic machine guns outfitted to harm
Wear and tear military, slow destruction attrition is strategy
Search and destroy mission with nuclear fission ammunition
Aerial bombardments of chemical warfare is elected material
Genocidal circumstances as methane gasses sprayed masses
Intense crossfire transformed to horrific incidents of violence
NATO status quo stressed on body counts and murder ratios
Combative crimes defined by intertwined spines at front-lines
Plight in flight air-strikes lacerate psyches and human rights
Nazi Party factions, brutal fashion with annihilation passions
Snide allied-complied in concentration camps like genocides
Areas of these glum slums resembled battle zones of Verdun
Wide-spread menstrual cycle bloodshed from human heads
Barmy drug-addled soldiers with cold shoulders grew bolder
Wife beaters turned platoon leaders maneuver scud-seekers
Task Force Barker rifle societies warn of doom like banshee
Calamity Jane officers urged to wipe out Bruce Lee enemies
Slanted-eye malcontent peasants and all fervent dissidents
Top commanders ordered to burn habitats and all livestock
My Lai was slaughtered and Uncle Sam turned a blind eye
Aura upset, destitute hamlets’ silhouettes were even beset
No enemy fighters found in this deprived rural community
Zero signs of weapons, only unarmed Vietnamese civilians
Feral nonconformists target enthusiastic anti-war activists
Public pacification resulted in deaths of indigenous people
Perceived Don Cheadle Traitors got the hypodermic needle
Premeditated slayings, pointless and unnecessary killings
Victims included anemic women, children and elderly men
Landmines and booby-traps exterminated their vital signs
Pervasive brutalities shepherd the whitewashing atrocities
Lactating ladies slain while breastfeeding famished babies
Teens of both sexes stripped and beaten into whip cream
Incoherent infants assassinated in front of their parents
Kids water-boarded with radiator fluid and sulfuric acid
Sedated women gang-raped and their genitals mutilated
Heavy with child wives and their blood relatives executed
Soon-to-be mothers’ tubular tracts harpoon by platoons
Rectums sodomized with frozen hardwood push brooms
Stillborn fetuses aborted, wombs thwarted the distorted
Deranged women kicked and shot at point-blank range
Martial Law claimed they had grenades hidden in bras
But their undressed breasts were as flat as bath mats
Wolf packs of males spinal tapped and blasted in back
Females run in fear, uterus speared and pap smeared
Refined splines push wigs back like receding hairlines
Hairpiece banana split, peeled from skull with ice-pick
Brains emerge from cranial cavities and rest on terrain
Blood-stained stray cats and man’s best friend maimed
Non-combatants butchered with domesticated animals
Anatomical dangle, mangled torsos hang from clavicles
Groups of innocent bystanders agonized then strangled
Mature individuals endure then succumb to the torture
Angst-ridden corpses bullet riddled and cut by vultures
Dissenters and insubordinate villagers are dismembered
Praying and begging is proceeded by graphic beheadings
Good morning decapitations before death siren warnings
Ghastly hacking of inert souls like white rhino poaching
Mauled are left to die with wounds size of medicine balls
Bloodied with life-threatening injuries implore for mercy
Perishing beg grim reaper to expunge them from misery
Hostile boundaries stream with casualties of hostilities
Helicopters drop cadavers in sewage wells and bunkers
Ripe extremities in tight overbites litter thru bomb sites
Deplorable conditions of physicians turned morticians
Scorched indigent settlements damaged into insolvents
Blow-torches flamed addresses reducing them to ashes
Lots passed away, 500 took their last breathes this day