Pull a string on the shades, the room darkens, lights dimmed
now I turn up the beats, hit the twat between the sheets/
kiss her cheeks, watch me play some games while she asleep
deep in my mind I rewind 24 hours earlier, had the Cuban link chain
drained in my skills never remain vein, just a little tanked off the henny/
been bent since I hit the age of 18, now I cut down tracks like a guillotine
bust out the militant machine, trucking through beats like foreign regimes/
remain faded by the days shown out clones I know and didn't care for
hit e'm with Order 66, chin check dead decks when I cut yours/
shuffle yours how about we show our hands and roll them dice
nicer with the wires choke up chickens by how piece together
bricks for the weather, pleasure for those females in satin or leather/
dead optics drop it flock toward the opposite
gimme those polar charts we got them shark drakes up in their/
hit e'm with more flare, chop though blackouts
sold routes dusted off the haze effects musket for chain effects/
hit cha with blast with a kunai underground who am I???
I am the S-H-double-E-P now your just rushing to judgement/
plug up the holes you receive walk out elevator apartments
down with the narcissist, I am arsonist making down plays
updrafts now cats try to bathe in burnt up baths, do the math that just don't match/
close council I am Malcolm when he met Martin
I am a Spartan versus three-hundred Persians, what's your disagreement/
I cook souls in coal, call them scrooge’s for refusing kindness
thinking I cannot just regress I distrust nobody like Austin 3:16/
speak on and off topics mop it up like a rug and a Persian carpet
mark it with marginal lines Doppler radars couldn't find
I am geographically omnipresent opening up waters
and deserts like the second coming of Jesus/
when you read this I am not god I am god of myself
and make my own decisions and my own destiny/
don't preach deepen marks shop around busting down
true tracking acting like I got diabetes
making those who meet me see me for me/

this is the Blast Bond, I don't act hard
I just act as me, take me for me
and show me some respect
and just come correct
before I had to eject
you like a cassette tape