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Thread: Crack baby scare overblown.

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    Default Crack baby scare overblown.

    A fledgling website dedicated to revisiting high-profile news stories of the past has released a new video about the so-called crack baby scare of the 1980s - an "epidemic" of addicted mothers giving birth to children that were expected to be costly, disruptive and damaged for life.

    Retro Report, a non-profit documentary news organization working in collaboration with the New York Times, argues that the "worrisome extrapolations made by researchers" were, in retrospect, rather overblown and even misleading.

    One major problem, the organization notes, is that the original study involved just 23 infants and was too myopic in its focus on the babies' exposure to a single substance.....


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    I sort of figured the crack baby thing was overblown. However, there are people my age who aren't wrapped too tight. So, I wonder sometimes.

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