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Thread: White Nightmares feat. The God

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    Default Goondox

    I count on you guys to keep me informed of all the hot shit that drops and all the wack shit that drops. Somehow this appears to have gone under the radar. I think Angry would have been all over this.

    Some might call this track garbage due to all the swines, weed carriers, or whatever you guys call them, but rap needs more tracks with a shitload of artists jumping on them. Track reminds me of AOTP - Battle Cry.

    Verse 5: Jus Allah
    Im cutting my appetite
    Just till fright night
    The blood filled me up with white light
    Gotta strike right when the donor is just right
    Should of got the name of the owner and blood type
    Maybe I should go back and roam the abduct site
    Lookin' for a lady with the path to love bite
    Gotta use a whole lot of dope and plus white
    Hopefully I don't smell of blood and bloodlight

    Some of the comments on YouTube on this track are funny "... theres something about when jus allah raps that makes you think the devil is kinda sketched out by him".

    After downloading Goondox - Welcome to the Goondox album, it feels more like a mixtape that was pieced together. Usually I appreciate Snowgoons releases, no matter how wack the artist is that they work with. There's usually more cohesion.

    Looking forward to Snowgoons CoVirt Ops: Infantry[12] (featuring Virtuoso) dropping in July.

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